Monday, August 13, 2012

change up. not just for baseball anymore...

this summer has been rollicking along, and it's actually been quite a good one for my little mens. lots of hobbying with friends (and on my own). more than has been done in quite some time. it's nice to return to painting and playing with toy soldiers.

back on the 20th of july, i posted an article about the pale olympics entitled spf geek. in it, myself and several others set some hobby goals to achieve during the month of august.  

well, here are the results so far:

ulceratio taint - chaos space marine sorcerer

manipul cholerus

cholerus lues - plague champion of nurgle
the summonati pestis - a herald of nurgle and attendant plaguebearers

one of the summonati pestis

manipul leprosius

additionally, there are two other plaguemarine squads: manipul ulceratio, a 6 marine escort for ulceratio taint, and manipul bubonicus, another 7 marine squad. you'll notice that with the exception of the terminators, i'm trying to keep the squad sizes to 7. hail nurgle!

the entire list currently weighs in at 1355 points and looks like this:
ulceratio taint and manipul ulceratio (csm bodyguard) -csm sorcerer of nurgle and plaguemarines x6
manipul cholerus - plaguemarine squad (7 models)
manipul bubonicus - plaguemarine squad (7 models)
manipul leprosius - csm chosen terminators of nurgle (5 models)
summonati pestis - herald of nurgle (allied demon hq) and 6 plaguebearers (allied demon troops)

of course, some of you may be wondering what the heck happened to my commitment to completing my khador force to 50 points. the simple answer is games day. 

i have been pondering a death guard/nurgle army for quite some time. i had also been thinking of starting a new army for 6th edition, and at games day, i had the opportunity to pick up many of the forgeworld nurgle csm upgrade packs that i wanted (looking back, i probably should have picked up the dreadnoughts too).

these three events taken separately probably would not have been enough to move me off my original target, but games day is wonderfully notorious about reinvigorating folks' enthusiasm about the games workshop hobby. so here i am halfway through the month and not even a quarter of the way through my target. 

so the big question now is: "will he finish in time?" 

and the big answer is: "maybe?"

i should have manipul cholerus and the summonati pestis finished this week (save for the basing which i'll do at the very end for everything), and the other two squads primed and basecoated as well. next up though is the manipul leprosius. i'm very much looking forward to painting some terminators. august is a long month, but i'm nowhere near halfway done on this force. this one may come down to the wire!

hail nurgle!


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