Tuesday, March 29, 2011

who's the biggest fool of all?

that might just be me.  in order to push myself to post more, and to include some of my favorite board games, i've decided to document my descent into madness, aka "30 games in 30 days"

starting on 01 april, i will play a different boardgame everyday and post the evidence here for the world to see!  the schedule for the imminent insanity is below:

01 april:  power grid
02 april:  ticket to ride
03 april:  race for the galaxy
04 april:  factory manager
05 april:  dominion
06 april:  agricola
07 april:  beowulf:  the movie board game
08 april:  the settlers of cataan
09 april:  cold war:  cia versus kgb
10 april:  albion
11 april:  roborally
12 april:  alhambra
13 april:  fearsome floors
14 april:  chaos in the old world
15 april:  beowulf:  the legend
16 april:  red november
17 april:  carcassone
18 april:  puerto rico
19 april:  cartagena
20 april:  pirate's cove
21 april:  chinatown
22 april:  pandemic
23 april:  citadels
24 april:  mystery of the abbey
25 april:  colosseum
26 april:  memoir '44
27 april:  space hulk:  death angel
28 april:  clue
29 april:  mansions of madness
30 april:  tigris & euphrates

as i post the results daily, i'll also go ahead and include where the next game will be played (my apartment, black sun games, northside chicago game night, etc.)  if you want to be a part of the madness feel free to show up!