Friday, June 8, 2012

lucky 7 for privateer press?

it's been a long time since "x-files" (and to a lesser extent "millenium") dominated the airwaves.

of course, we recently had nbc's "the event" which had promise, but was woefully uneven (and uneventful, pun fully intended),and there's "fringe" carrying the spooky torch at fox, but it's not quite the same.

fortunately there's privateer press and level 7 [escape].

privateer press describes the game thusly:

"you are a captive of subterra bravo, imprisoned in the facility’s deepest laboratory, the hall of nightmares known as level 7. your singular goal is to escape, but to do that you will have to evade the human and inhuman denizens of this subterranean labyrinth before the entire base is locked down, sealing you in for the rest of your short, tormented life. will you work together with your fellow prisoners to endure subterra bravo’s endless perils, or will you use them to secure your own escape? ultimately, your chances of survival will depend on how well you manage your greatest weapon, which is also your greatest threat: fear itself."

sounds super cool to me!

in the most recent issue of no quarter (#42) the teaser for level 7 [escape] was a two page spread of a classified and redacted document (featuring vice-president richard nixon!) that really sets the creepy/cool feel of the game. pick it up and see for yourself!

the projected cost is $54.99, and is expected to hit stores in september (though I bet some copies get moved at gen-con...)

box image above is property of privateer press

Friday, June 1, 2012

a man? nay! he is a god!

i don't play heroclix, but i love the concept. after all, who doesn't love the idea of putting to rest, once and for all, who would win the fight between superman and the batman, or recreate that first appearance of wolverine in issues 180 and 181 of "the incredible hulk"?

plus from a wargaming perspective, heroclix is a gateway drug: easy to learn, fun to play, and amazingly scalable.

and now they've gone and done it. they've added a god to the game:

that's right. stan "the man" lee is now a figure you can use in your heroclix forces. it's one of four released as part of the exclusive dvd combo pack for "comic-con iv: a fan's hope". other figures include morgan spurlock, joss whedon, and harry knowles. a veritable cornucopia of geekdom!

this special offer will be released july 2012, and you can find more info here.

excelsior, bitches!

image taken from wizkid's, so it probably belongs to them!