Thursday, March 8, 2012

if you have to tell 'em you're classy...

i've recently started trying to spend more time on the community aspect of the hobby, and sometimes it's as easy as keeping an eye out for what some of your friends are doing.
if you're looking to shake your head at shenanigans and occasionally laugh out loud, you should check out joe and steve, and their podcast "game classy".

find it here.

their latest 'cast asks the questions i've been wondering about regarding games workshop's second wave releases for the wolves and 'nids (primarily "what the fuck were they thinking?"), delves a wee bit into painting an army you love versus painting an army to play with, takes a look at some of the d&d board games, and much much more.

if you need something to lighten your mood, then check 'em out. and tell 'em the little mens sent you.

the image is off of game classy's blog/podcast site, but it's also a 'shopped golden demon statue, so i'm going to go with: the image above is property of game classy and games workshop and they can indian leg wrestle for who gets to sue me...