Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"in the quiet words of the virgin mary... come again?"

when someone told me the cost of the new warhammer fantasy eighth edition rulebook, my first reaction was the quote above.  

my next reaction was that $74.25 must be the cost for the uber-cool collectors edition.  eventually i realized that games workshop truly intended to sell it's basic warhammer rulebook for $75.   

i felt that if gw were going to attempt to separate me from my hard earned cash, it would only be fair if i blogged about the event and what i thought about it.  

so here are my initial thoughts: heavy (literally and figuratively), nice quality (amazing color throughout and great paper), monolithic, good rule updates, and speeds up the game.

i read through the rules and gained an appreciation for the changes throughout, but the question “is this worth $75?" remained.

as a conscientious  consumer and hobbyist, i have to consider my budget; especially in this economy. 

to be fair, contemplating the worth of games workshop products can be a effort in futility.  after all, the company seems to price its product according to the unit’s worth in the game as opposed to the actual cost of the product produced. 

is there any other way to explain how a 10 model bestigor herd ($41.25 and 92 pieces in the box)...

...costs 60% more than a 10 model gor herd ($24.75 and 74 pieces in the box)?  

need more evidence?  fine.  the bestigor box costs 60% more than the 10 model ungor herd that costs $24.75 and contains 98 pieces.  

some readers may feel the compunction to defend gw’s pricing practices and this is your right.  i've heard it all.  it's a luxury hobby, i can play other games, i don't have to play with the new rules, etc.  

but before you blindly and blithely ride to the defense of gw's pricing consider the following:

the typical vendor discount on gw product is about 40% of the retail price; meaning that you pay $74.25 (plus tax) for the rulebook while your friendly local game store pays about $45.  this pricing structure is one that  gw has had in place for a long time, and ensures that the company can realize a profit while selling the rulebook at $45 each. 

food for thought.

the other problem i have with the rulebook is that out of the 512 pages i only need about 150 of them.  meaning that i'd be using only about $23 of my rulebook's worth

so i’ve come to the conclusion that the warhammer fantasy rulebook is not worth $75.  you’ll be better served by shopping the internet and finding a better deal for it. 

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Monday, July 19, 2010

warlord games is such a tease

not content with teasing us with some great images of the 3-ups of their late war german infantry sculpts, warlord games has released an image of the body sprue for the set:

that combined with this earlier image:

gives us an opportunity to drool over the various combinations available!

Monday, July 12, 2010

"protection from what? zee germans? - snatch

for those of you not in the know, warlord games has released some sneak peeks of their new their new line of german troops in 28mm.  and boy are they hot!  check ‘em out below:

to be completely fair, these are “3 ups” of the sculpts, but there’s some sexy detail on ‘em!

not content with putting out some great looking jerry models, they’re also releasing a 28mm scale tiger i. 

and michael wittman too!

i love the zimmerit on wittman's tank.  a nice western europe olive green and brown camo scheme with 212 in red and white on the turrent and this bad boy's ready to deal some damage at villers-bocage!


for those of you salivating like hungry dogs, you can order your tigers online here.  it looks like only wittman's is available for order now, but for only £22 it's a steal.  additionally, warlord games is currently running a special on free shipping during the month of july.  

and if running only tigers isn't your thing, warlord games also has some panzer iv models for you.  armor up bitches!

now just to order some of these tanks, bitz 'em up with some gw gribblies (like stuff from herehere, and here) to make 'em all imperial and this shock troop deal, well, that'd be on helluva cool lookin' 40k imperial guard army...

all images property of and courtesy of warlord games.

Friday, July 9, 2010

shock troopers mount up!

for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these guys:

your wait is almost over.  wargames factory has announced that their new shock trooper models are in the process of being boxed up over this weekend and will be shipped on monday to fulfill their preorders.

additionally, the previously unreleased armored and unarmored saxons are shipping immediately!

now you can have those viking and saxon raids you've been dreaming about!

all images property of wargames factory

Sunday, July 4, 2010

happy fourth of july!

here's hoping that your holiday is safe and fun from us here at "little mens"!