Thursday, June 30, 2011

some interesting new stuff over at wargames factory

back  in may of this year, wargames factory released a preview of the work they had been doing on their line of shock troops:

as you can see it's an equal mix of futuristic gribbly bitz and gothic accoutrement. i like the additional helmets, the french style kepi, the fur collar on the officer/command(er/ant).  i also love the mauser-style pistol and the extra set of hands that has the cigarette. though how one is to enjoy the pleasure of what i am sure is a "galactic gauloises" while in full protective gear is still beyond me...

like many of the other internet opinoineers, i felt the single claw foot of the tripod was a bit much, but all-in-all the models work for me.

today wf has released a cool 3d rendered preview of the heavy energy cannon, and it looks great! it looks like they took onboard all the feedback that was provided and went to town on it! you should check it out here: new shock troops heavy energy cannon preview.

preview image property of wargames factory