Monday, July 12, 2010

"protection from what? zee germans? - snatch

for those of you not in the know, warlord games has released some sneak peeks of their new their new line of german troops in 28mm.  and boy are they hot!  check ‘em out below:

to be completely fair, these are “3 ups” of the sculpts, but there’s some sexy detail on ‘em!

not content with putting out some great looking jerry models, they’re also releasing a 28mm scale tiger i. 

and michael wittman too!

i love the zimmerit on wittman's tank.  a nice western europe olive green and brown camo scheme with 212 in red and white on the turrent and this bad boy's ready to deal some damage at villers-bocage!


for those of you salivating like hungry dogs, you can order your tigers online here.  it looks like only wittman's is available for order now, but for only £22 it's a steal.  additionally, warlord games is currently running a special on free shipping during the month of july.  

and if running only tigers isn't your thing, warlord games also has some panzer iv models for you.  armor up bitches!

now just to order some of these tanks, bitz 'em up with some gw gribblies (like stuff from herehere, and here) to make 'em all imperial and this shock troop deal, well, that'd be on helluva cool lookin' 40k imperial guard army...

all images property of and courtesy of warlord games.


  1. OH MY GOD!!! I AM BUYING A PILE OF THE TIGERS!!! Any idea when to expect these?

  2. not sure, big b. lemme put out some feelers to my "sources" and see what they comeback with...

    but i agree, the tigers are sexy and with an imperial eagle and teched up just a smidge, they'll be gorgeous and oh so different in a standard 40k imperial guard army.

  3. see big b? i gets you th' love fast! and w/ free shipping!

  4. btw brad, you should start following "little mens" after all we follow you...

  5. I've been itching to work up some models. Those Tigers could be just the thing.