Friday, June 1, 2012

a man? nay! he is a god!

i don't play heroclix, but i love the concept. after all, who doesn't love the idea of putting to rest, once and for all, who would win the fight between superman and the batman, or recreate that first appearance of wolverine in issues 180 and 181 of "the incredible hulk"?

plus from a wargaming perspective, heroclix is a gateway drug: easy to learn, fun to play, and amazingly scalable.

and now they've gone and done it. they've added a god to the game:

that's right. stan "the man" lee is now a figure you can use in your heroclix forces. it's one of four released as part of the exclusive dvd combo pack for "comic-con iv: a fan's hope". other figures include morgan spurlock, joss whedon, and harry knowles. a veritable cornucopia of geekdom!

this special offer will be released july 2012, and you can find more info here.

excelsior, bitches!

image taken from wizkid's, so it probably belongs to them!


  1. My Heroclix team is going to look more and more like a weird joke. "So Batman, Stan Lee, and Ken from Street Fighter walk into a bar..."

  2. Don't forget Abe Sapien: