Friday, July 20, 2012

spf geek

i recently got an broadcast email from xenite over at little green monsters about a big hobby push during the month of august. needless-to-say, that kind of call to arms motivates miniature geeks like no other (save maybe that last push of frantic hobbying that occurs right before a big tournament; folks get crazy then).

we all started chiming in with ideas and stretch goals. projects that have languished in hobby limbo suddenly became viable again. 

and from this eclectic, electric correspondence came the name for this sun-avoiding event: the pale olympics, because, you know, fuck you london.

so as it stands now, here are our goals:

xenite: 48 sea guard fully painted 
jason: complete his cpa so he can game with impunity again
felix: complete 100 28mm minis (felix is not fucking around)
joey: paint a 6 tank german panther platoon
rich: paint 24 carthaginian hoplites
john: assemble 15 units for his ancient greek army (like felix, john is not fucking around)
nick: space marine librarian
brian: paint a tzeentch demon prince, assemble and paint 10 tzeentch horrors, sculpt the wings and paint a tzeentch lord of change, and for a bonus paint a tzeentch decimator
me: finish my khadoran 5th border legion to 50 points.

some work has already taken place. xenite posted this image today:

and i picked these up today to complete my force to 50 points:

so what's in my 50 point list? glad you asked. here's the army list and the state they're in.

kommander harkevitch, the iron wolf - primed, and some block coloring completed
black ivan - primed, block colored, some detail work done
destroyer - compelte save for a final bit of basing
juggernaut - complete save for a final bit of basing
wardog - complete save for a final bit of basing
man-o-war shocktroops (5 man unit) - primed, and some block coloring completed
widowmakers - primed
winter guard infantry (10 man unit) - 4 unassembled, 6 primed, and some block coloring completed
winter guard officer & standard - primed, and some block coloring completed
winter guard rocketeers unit upgrade (x3) - 2 unassembled, 1 primed
kovick josef grigorovich (uncle joe!) - primed, and some block coloring completed

as you can see, i'm not really starting from scratch, but there is a still a lot to be done to get this finished.

i'll be posting some "before" pics this weekend, and adding more as the units above are finished. 

for more info on the pale olympics stay tuned here, as well as check out xenite's blog little green monsters, and felix's blog pokeminatures

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