Tuesday, August 14, 2012

all your base are belong to ironheart artisans.

so i'm futzing around on facebook; scrolling through the news feed to see what everyone has been doing over the past 30 minutes or so.

as i scroll past the feed from dropzone games, i notice that they "like" ironheart artisans, and there's this interesting picture of their movement tray for mantic games' kings of war (a miniature wargame that i have yet to try, but scares me spitless because everyone i know and trust loves it, and i need a new miniature wargame like i need a hole in my head).

ironheart artisans' fmf (fast movment force) system
from left to right, they show just how easy it is to prime, basecoat, drybrush, detail, and flock it to get it ready to play.

according to ironheart artisans' facebook page they "create high quality and innovative products for the gaming community". i'm sure that this idea started either around a game table with a couple of guys noticing that moving all the models in a kings of war game took too long, or just after the game over a pint at the pub. 

it's this kind of creativity and game support logistics that makes me happy. these guys have found a niche and are filling it, much like battlefoam, galeforce nine, army painter, and even forge world. i'm hoping that they'll be just as successful. 

this 10 model movement tray is their first product, but with internet retail and crowdsourced funding, i expect that we'll start to see ironheart artisans produce a lot of game support products for a lot of different games, and some way to order it online.

doing a bit more fb scrolling i notice this on dropzone games' fb page:

so there is a 2x5 (10 model) tray, and a 4x5 (20 model tray) currently in production. 

base prep image property of ironheart artisans
packaged fmf image property of dropzone games

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