Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the pale olympics - manipul cholerus update

howdy all! here we are the day before gencon 2012, and while pretty much everyone i know is headed to indianapolis, i'm staying here in chicago and working on some nurgle.

i've been getting a lot done on my new death guard army, and i've (aside for the basing) completed the first squad. here are some images:

manipul cholerus

cholerus lues - plague champion of nurgle 

chaos icon bearer for manipul cholerus

icon close up - lots of verdigris and rust work, and only slightly out of focus

one of two of the plasmagun toting plague marines.

close up of the verdigris effects on the plasmagun

close up of the verdigris effect on the helmet

the paint scheme uses a lot of dramatic layering with washes and shades to balance out the hard step between some of the colors. you'll also notice a lot of rust and verdigris. that's been fun to play with as well. 

i definitely like the idea of rot, decrepitude, and decay affecting the materials that would make up the armor and weapons. i'm also playing with visually representing suppuration of wounds (draining pus and gunk, yay!)

comments welcome!

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  1. Well done!! Very cool stuff. I can see that there are a lot of layers, and colors happening here, but without making it seem unbalanced or scattered. Some very light colored basing would look great on these. You had mentioned ash-world, or something. A very light grey picked out with something else could really work well. Keep of the great work!!