Monday, August 6, 2012

jack in. make the run. cash out.

i'm not much for collectible card games. sure, i played magic: the gathering, way back in the early 90's (hell. just about everyone in the pacific northwest did), and i had a nice collection of wotc's release of netrunner but never found anyone that played it, so eventually i gave away my cards and moved on to miniature wargames and euro-style board games.

flash forward to earlier this spring, and fantasy flight games' (ffg) announcement of android: netrunner.

ffg has really got the living card game format locked down, and the fact that netrunner is an asymmetrical competition between 'runner and megacorps, removing the collectible part and replacing it with a deckbuilding strategy, means that everyone at least starts on a level playing field.

today, ffg released a .pdf of the rules and it's chock fulla sexy. the rules seem to be clearly written with lots of examples of play, and there's just enough fluffy text to drape a nice cyberpunk context across the entire game.

you can download a .pdf of the game rules and the tournament rules here.

android: netrunner image property of fantasy flight games


  1. I can't wait for this to be out... I got into Netrunner on the cheap right after it collapsed- that was my first lesson in "It doesn't matter if it's good, it matters if people are playing it."

  2. "It doesn't matter if it's good, it matters if people are playing it."

    Great point! Unfortunately, the masses usually glomm onto dreck...