Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the pale olympics - closing ceremonies

so august has come and gone, and the pale olympics are over. for my part in them, i attempted the following:

ulceratio taint - nurgle sorcerer
manipul ulceratio - a six man plague marine squad to hang out with ulceratio.
manipul cholerus - a seven man plague marine squad with a couple of plasmaguns
manipul bubonics - a second seven man plague marine squad armed like the previous
manipul leprosius - a five man terminator squad
the summanati pestis - a allied squad from the chaos demons codex: a herald of nurgle and a six man plaguebearer squad.

the interesting thing is that i did change horses in mid-stream, or mid-month so to speak. you can read all about that here. that post is from the 13th of august, and i had started the force a couple of days before.

the final tally is 81% completed. i got everything done except for manipul ulceratio.

enjoy the pics:

ulceratio taint: the harbinger of rot, keeper of the seven keys of nurgle.

manipul bubonicus 

the summonati pestis

and finally, a full pic of the army

the praesidio mortis

i'm very happy with my progress so far, even though i missed my goal by just six models.

i will be completing them next, and once they're done, i'll start on two death guard dreadnoughts (yay forge world!) and a deimos pattern predator that i'm thinking of painting in a quartered pattern with plenty of rust effects (can you say hairspray and kosher salt?)

stay tuned for more poop!

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