Friday, February 3, 2012

wowzers! some interesting game previews out today...

one of the first things i saw today is that fantasy flight games has put up a pdf of the rules for this:

rex is their adaptation of the really, really old skool avalon hill dune rule set. the big difference is instead of republishing dune (a great idea in my book, but they allegedly couldn't get the rights from the herbert estate), ffg has set the game in their twilight imperium universe.

it looks like that ffg has kept the basic rules pretty intact. there are still the battle dials with the slots to drop in your leaders, each of the 6 factions have their own victory conditions, treachery and betrayal are tools at your command, and there is a progressive destructive event that discourages camping/turtling.

it's a bit ironic, because twilight imperium is one of my least favorite games. i know for a fact that i'd rather have a root canal than play it, but i'm eagerly awaiting this one.

in other crazy-ass gaming news, privateer press just posted a 10 minute video "leaking" the release this summer of colossals! pp gets kudos for showing the khadoran and cygnaran colossal models. i guess that the cryx, the protectorate, retribution, and mercs colossals weren't quite ready yet, though there are some really great images of them.

it definitely looks like this is going to be a big summer for warmachine. that being said, sit through all of the video. there's a teaser at the very end for hordes.

you can check out just how massive things look to get this summer below.

rex box image is property of fantasy flight games, and the video is all privateer press baby!

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