Friday, February 3, 2012

muthaf#ckin' sea monsters...

way back when, i used to work for games workshop. during one late night of hobbying with several other employees at the chicago battle bunker, the topic of a recent white dwarf article came up. veterans might remember when gw put out some very cool warhammer rules for conducting sea battles.

out of that conversation came the opinion that of all the ships and such to be made, the best would be "muthaf#ckin' sea monsters". it became a meme of sorts. when asked what folks were working on, inevitably someone would answer "a muthaf#ckin sea monster". even to this day there are folks i greet at conventions or get togethers with "muthaf#ckin' sea monster!" rather than "hey!" or "what's up?"

so where is this going? well, if you watched the privateer press video teaser about colossals released earlier today, you saw one:

that's right. it looks like cryx is getting a colossal called "the kraken". and it's attacking a ship at anchor in port. in other words, it's a necrotite-fueled, undead, muthaf#ckin' sea monster.

and i couldn't be happier.

image of that muthaf#ckin' sea monster is property of privateer press.


  1. MFSM lol yep that's what it is!

  2. Cliff, you'll be glad to hear we started up a blog for our MFSM's!!!

  3. Hell yeah, I loves me some colossals! Though I play Khador so I don't get the cool Kraken. Now all we need is an Allen J-esque Mother F&*#kin SPACE MONSTER and this topic would be complete.