Wednesday, April 6, 2011


yeah, so what?  they can't all be super catchy titles.  jeez.

at the risk of sounding like a shill for rio grande games, today is yet another one of their games:  dominion.

a heck of a fun little deck building game, dominion has spawned several expansions, but the basic game is one that i would recommend to any gamer looking for a game that is both tactical and strategic yet quick to play.

the basic concept is that you are a motivated noble looking build the local area into your new kingdom (or dominion, if you will).  this is accomplished by building a deck of cards (that represents the entirety of your kingdom).  within this kingdom/deck are duchys, provinces, markets, villages, libraries, blacksmiths, and throne rooms, gold, silver, copper coins, et al.

this is all done by playing an action, buying a new card, and finally, cleaning up/discarding any cards in your hand and drawing new ones from your deck.   simple as:  a-b-c. 

The cards are broken down into treasure cards, kingdom cards, and victory cards.  the treasure cards are how you purchase other treasure, as well as kingdom cards (which have benefits all their own), and victory cards (which only give you vp at the end of the game).

to win dominion, you have to balance the acquisition of currency against the construction of helpful kingdom cards, and the purchase of victory cards.  too many of any one type will reduce how effectively you can build.

dominion is one of those games that pretty much everyone that has ever played it, is willing and happy to play it again.  and since a single game can be played in about 30 minutes (45 if there are new players), several games can be played in a get together.

in our first game, i was the winner, but during the second game where we substituted the militia cards with the witch and added in curses and gardens, jacob was the winner.  just look at him.  it's obvious.  he's a witch!

thanks to jeff, jacob, and adam for helping out with 30 games in 30 days, yet again!  and congrats to jacob on winning dominion!

next up is the game that kicked puerto rico out of boardgamegeek's #1 spot:  agricola.  this one will be played at chicagoland games (wednesday night is their board game night).  hope to see you there!

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