Wednesday, January 16, 2013

crusade of fire, week 2 – the relic

ulceratio taint, sorcerer and pox-master, looked up from the rapidly decomposing entrails pulled from the cooling body of the fire warrior. 

“the foul divinations guide us true, eres imunditious. there is a cache of powerful tau weapons hidden on corvus majoris. if we move quickly, we can deny the childling fools an advantage.”

the air within the confines of the warpkage was smoky, hot, and foul. the cloying aroma of sweet incense did nothing to mask the stench of burning blood, ruptured entrails, and foetid rot. time was broken here. ancient screams, new shrieks of raw pain, and despondant whimpers intertwined to create a symphony of anguish and despair. eres imunditious, lord of the sevenfold path, lifted his gaze from the bloodied symbols and twisted intestines to look at the sorcerer. 

“your castings are fortuitous, ulceratio. manipul leprosius and i will advance in the van. 

you will take manipul cholerus and provide support. manipul bubonicus and manipul bonewrack will provide protection on the flanks. tell the warpsmiths to awaken brother pandemicus and brother phage. they will lend their madness and armor to our endeavor. 

we deploy within the hour to secure this cache of weapons, and if we cannot, we will corrupt it thoroughly.” 

ulceratio nodded curtly, “as you command, my lord.” with a gesture, the sorcerer tore the very walls of reality asunder. the image of a shallow valley shimmered through the screaming portal to corvus majoris. “we can depart the warpkage here, lord imunditious. my portal will put us within striking distance of the tau cache.”

"very good, ulceratio. let us teach these foolish children what the greater good means to our lord and master, grandfather nurgle.”

crusade of fire cover image property of games workshop. used without permission.

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