Tuesday, May 8, 2012

well, that was fun - adepticon 2012 recap

this adepticon was the tenth time that gamers in chicagoland had gotten together for one of the biggest gaming celebrations, and it was one helluva anniversary! if you're familiar with adepticon, the photo below will seem old hat. if you've never been, well, this is just the 40k tourney and vendor room

bigger than ever, it pretty much dominated the entire lombard westin hotel from entrance to exit (several arriving wedding parties looked suitably miffed). warhammer 40k, and warhammer were represented by some of the largest tournaments, but other companies like privateer press, battlefront, forge world, wyrd, mantic, armorcast, chessex, and cool mini or not had great booths and were chatting up hobbyists all weekend long.

for all you privateer press fans, here's a couple of peeks at a pair of khadoran colossals taking on a couple of trollblood mountain kings:

more pics coming soon!

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