Friday, July 29, 2011

"the politically correct need not apply." really?

much to the hew and cry of all the trolls, stump-thumpers, prognosticators, and end-is-nighers, games workshop has released it's annual report. you can find it at their investor site here.

it's an interesting read, especially the following:
  • mark wells (the gw ceo) mentions that in finding the right employees: "the politically correct need not apply" (i envision plenty of serious human resources conversations coming from this one).
  • the enormous amount of spin put on the release of citadel finecast (or as some call it: fineco$t)
  • tom kirby (the gw chairman) gives himself a 20% pay rise (don't deny, you'd do it too if you could)
for a clearer and more in depth look at the report from someone who knows how to read the damn things, jump over to dukes inferno and read his translation.


  1. Go GW.

    It seems like the big names are falling. The WoTC stuff at Gen Con was a joke. Their booth had virtually no product, I didn't even realize it was WoTC until someone told me. I went to one of their events to demo the new D&D board game and it turned out the event people were under orders to not teach us how to play. They could answer questions, but not teach us how to play.

  2. yeah, that is pretty bizarre. one of the easiest ways to increase excitement about a new release is to demo the everlovin' hell outta it.

    i'm very interested to see what happens with gw and wotc over the next 12 to 18 months.