Friday, April 1, 2011

this may the most foolish idea I’ve had in a while…

kicking off the first ever “little mens 30 games in 30 days” event is rio grande games' power grid.  one of friedmann friese’s most popular games, power grid allows the player to enter the exciting world of power generation!   

yep, that’s right.  you get to be the electric company.  trust me it's a lot more exciting than it sounds, and it's also funny to see how fast your friends become profit driven corporate power mongers...

at the heart of the game, you balance resources (your power grid, power plants, fuels, and cash) better than your opponents all while trying to provide service to a growing area on the map.  

for this game we used the benelux (belgium, netherlands, and luxemburg) map.

one thing i find refreshing about power grid is that one person taking the lead early in the game doesn’t automatically translate into victory at the end, and actually being in the last place can provide some pretty good advantages. 

here is jeff making sure his corporate profits dwarf those of exxon, while abi looks  a little concerned about her early map position.

thanks to jacob, jeff, and abi dubs for helping me out with kicking off “30 games in 30 days”!  you guys rock!  and congrats to jacob for winning the first game played!

tomorrow's game will be day's of wonder's ticket to ride, played in the evening at my place!

all images are mine save for that first one of the box cover, that's property of rio grande game.


  1. Huzzah! It was a blast! Thanks!

  2. Totally fun! I'll definitely play again. And thanks for posting a semi-decent photo of me ;)