Sunday, April 3, 2011

my cryx at adepticon 2011

jumped out to lombard this weekend for adepticon 2011.  got to see lots of old familiar faces from the gw days and reminisce.  keep an eye out here for some ideas for adepticon 2012!

had a chance to set my cryx models up on one of privateer press' sweet tables and take some pics (thanks felix!).  here they are in all their undead steampunk glory!

cryx 'jacks under the control of the war witch deneghra

deneghra, a reaper helljack, and some bile thralls

a cryx necrosurgeon and one of her stitch thralls supporting a unit of mechanithralls

 bile thralls shambling forward to spew their caustic spray on the enemy.

bonejacks ranging in front of advancing helljacks.  black iron and burning necrotite death comes for the enemy!

 the necrosurgeon looks on, ready to remake any of the destroyed mechanithralls.

mechanithralls pouring from a defensible position, their steam-powered fists ready to crush limbs and rend 'jacks!

dark and deadly bane thralls advance up the flank.

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