Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"for what we are about to see next, we must enter quietly into the realm of genius."

one of my favorite lighthearted "beer & pretzel" sort of games is freidemann friese's fearsome floors:

helping me out with this one was chris, jeff, jacob, addam, and abi dubs! 

fearsome floors is a racing game where the goal is to get out of the dungeon.  each player has several tokens that they move each turn in an effort to escape clutches of the monster furunkulus.  sounds easy right?  just wait until he shows up!

oh, there he is!

unlike the players tokens who can move a set number of space but in any direction (except diagonal), the monster has restrictions on his movement, and will always pursue the closest token it can see.  the scary part is that sometimes the monster moves only a few spaces.  other times furunkulus will chase the interlopers until he has killed one or two of them!  it's all down to chance!

as the game progresses the players scurry to the exit tile on the opposite side of the board with the monster in hot pursuit.

above is the near the end of the game.  if you look in the far corner you can see that addam (playing the black tokens) is the first to make it out, while my  purple token was second.  as you can see below addam is about to move his second black token off the board ensuring victory, and dooming the rest of us to the monster's gut as snacks.

so thanks to all my players: chris, jeff, jacob, abi dubs, and addam, and congrats to addam as the victor!

all images property of little mens save the box image.  that one belongs to rio grand games!

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