Saturday, April 30, 2011

30 days later...

today marks then end of 30 games in 30 days.  so far i've only played the following 26 games:

beowulf:  the movie board game
cold war:  cia versus kgb
dominant species
fearsome floors
mystery of the abbey
neuroshima hex
power grid
race for the galaxy
the merchants of amsterdam
ticket to ride
death angel
7 wonders
el paso
mansions of madness
pick picknic
pirate's cove

not exactly a victory, but i think that it's been a damn good effort, and i've had a blast playing all these games and finding out how many game lovers are out there in my circle of friends.

sharp-eyed readers will notice that of these only about 17 of these 26 have been chronicled so far. i am a bit behind in posting the games, but I hope to have all of them done in the next couple of days!

and if i can get those last 4 games in today...

who's up for a game?

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