Thursday, May 20, 2010

furioso dreadnought

one of the really scary things in the new (2010) blood angel codex is the furioso dreadnought.  so i've decided to add two of them to the force.  here are some early assembly snapshots of the first of them...


as you can see, i've added a lot of extra bitz and gubbins to the new venerable dreadnought chassis.  i've always felt that a marine's armor should be a shrine to himself and his chapter.  i can see a dreadnought being a shrine to the chapter and the imperium. 

the piece i like best is the set of blood talons that i picked up from paulson games.  well cast, easy to clean, and nicely detailed, they are a breeze to fit onto the model. 

i'll add more content as i continue to progress on this dreadnought and the other.


  1. Nice! I was always a huge fan of the dread with 2x CCWs from an aesthetic perspective. From what I gather from 40k folks I know, they don't get more play because they are usually better applied as a mobile AT platform, so it seems rare to see these. I can't wait to see this painted to the level of the rest of you army!

  2. one of the prior issues with taking lots of dreadnoughts is that with a front armor value of 12, it didn't take much to pop them.

    furiosos, with their front armor value of 13, have a bit more survivability, and honestly, i'm taking the furiosos for infantry killing because they don't have the power fist strength to open up tanks, but the special rule for blood talons is sick, for each unsaved wound you cause in close combat, the model can make another attack. this continues until you roll a miss.