Thursday, May 20, 2010

a brand new day?

really? that's all i could come up with?

what makes this a brand new day? is it new and improved? probably not.

is something great going to happen? i'm sure for someone the answer to that question is "yes!".

unfortunately, i'm just as sure that for someone else today is going to suck like an electrolux.

so here's the extent of my promise. i'm going to try to entertain, inform, and for the other toy soldier fans out there: inspire.

though you're probably better served jumping over to dave taylor's blog or little green monsters if you're truly seeking inspiration.

nope. i'm going to try to share the stuff that i've learned from over 2 decades of mucking about with plastic and funny smelling glue.

some of the techniques may be old hat to you.

some of them might be something you can use for your models.

some of them might make you wonder if i've been sitting too close to that aforementioned "funny smelling glue".

along the way i'm going to introduce you to some friends and their little mens, and we're going to try to have some fun as well.

this is the little mens' manifesto.

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